Monday, July 2, 2012

M-Commerce a Viable method for Insurance Industries

Leading Insurers around the Globe are making efforts to again a perfect exposure in the mobile space by establishing a connection between the consumers and themselves via a wireless connection. In this post, I intend to showcase how a leading insurer that offers a wide range of insurances has adopted mobile applications to serve their customers with their financial and estate planning solutions.

The mobile solution this leading Insurer of the United States endorsed was "Rapid Rater on Mobile".

How does the Solution Suite of Rapid Rater on Mobile affect the insurance company?

iPad the preferred device by the Agents of Leading Insurance Companies
This application that is available on the iPad, iPhone and Android platforms is the new generation quoting app. It generates instantly personalized quotes for the life insurance products. The customers of this insurer with this app enabled on their phones can be at ease as they can access to the premium quotes at any point of time irrespective of location and time constraint. This application according to the recent survey in the m-commerce solutions is the first of its kind in the series of content rich and innovative mobile tools in the insurance sector.

The Rapid Rater on Mobile device is that perfect solution for the challenges faced by major insurers around the globe that solves the productivity issues that aims at lower cost of the unit insurance. No matter how big the insurance company is, the control on the maintenance of the financing solutions is a major attribute in shooting up the sales of the products or the services and Rapid Rater on Mobile just caters to this aspect.

How does the Rapid Rater on Mobile app developer assist this Insurer?

The solution architect of Rapid Rater app is Endeavour Software Technologies. Endeavour’s Mobile Centre of Excellence (mCOE) plays a vital role in aiding the insurer to achieve its share of mobility vision by framing a technology roadmap to the entire Rapid rater on Mobile operation for encouraging the insurer’s customer to walk the mobile way for paying premiums and viewing quotes.

Agents can send updates to their clients when on the go!
 Endeavour makes sure that the insurer’s short term and long term goals meet their intentions by providing specific technology solutions that applies to this app. It also helps the company to imbibe a framework that could help to plan and coordinate in term of technological development from the insurance company’s clients. This outlook of the mobile application development player will help achieve long term goals.

Here are some of the facilities available in case the clients are iPad users:

Calculators/ Quoting tools: The broker agents will be able to serve better with these accessories for creating premium quotes, save them for future reference and share them via mails to their clients after consultation.

Calendars: The calendar too is an integral accessory in the insurance field. And this app offers help in managing their personal and business calendars and sharing the same over mails.

Forms and Ticketing: This aspect serves the agents in managing their work with respect to customer requirements. A agent can create a ticket from the Rapid Rater App and monitor till the ticket is solved and the forms can be downloaded from the app, completed on the iPad device and shared to the customers via mails.

Paperless transaction is the need of the hour!
To know more on the Rapid Rater App or want to create a insurance related mobile app for any existing platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or Window Phone 7, contact for a strategic consulting in Enterprise mobility.

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