Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Webinar On Crash Discovery Testing

The rush to mobilize your enterprise has the potential for unprecedented success or spectacular failure. As an Enterprise Mobility focused company since 2002, we know what customers want.

They want assurance.
They want their mobility initiatives to strengthen, not weaken, their brand.
Endeavour's Head of Quality Lab (EQuaL) is pouring his passion and expertise to address the biggest challenges in Enterprise Mobility, that is, to improve reliability of your mobile apps. Along with him we have Tom Parish, Mobile Strategy Thought leader sharing his insights on the importance of Testing in your overall Mobile Strategy.
Come, Join our webinar to see practical use cases on Crash Discovery Testing and understand why your mobility strategy should focus on Testing Strategy as well.

Our Webinar will provide you insights on
  • Importance of Testing in your overall Mobility Strategy
  • Mobile Testing Statistics
  • Crashing Use Cases
  • Real Time Scenarios on Crash Discovery Testing
We look forward to your attendance at the event.
Key Attraction
Post this webinar, Endeavour is offering a deep dive into your mobile application for interested participants. This is a complimentary workshop for 3-4 hours where our Testing Team (EQuaL) will interact, review and analyze your mobile solution's Testing Strategy. As a result of this activity, we will provide you insights and recommendations on how your mobile solution can be made more robust and crash resistant.
If you would like to know more details about this, please send us an email at The participants would be selected on first-come-first serve basis, so please hurry and send us your nominations.


kelvin Sourav Panda
Head - Endeavour Quality Lab (EQuaL),
Endeavour- The Mobility Company

Tom Parish
Mobile Strategy Thought Leader

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