Thursday, June 21, 2012

UK’s leading Retailer Tesco Goes the M-commerce Way

Online retailers who are expecting a better customer engagement with your venture and are deprived of revenue growth from the online shopping trend then the main reason could be your e-commerce platform vendor. It seems harsh on the ears but is a fact since the customers are now the tech savvy audience who love making transactions while lying on their beds. It’s the impact of the mobile commerce that you are missing out in case you are stuck with the traditional e-commerce services.

With the advent of the mobile internet services, customers are now open to the whole new world of retail shops and if your brand is not seen in this virtual world the mullah you make is far less than your competitors who are enjoying the exposure online and on mobiles.

Mobility Commerce - Retailers' Top IT Investment Priority
Even the well established retail business kings like UK’s Tesco has adopted mobile commerce solution in order to be available for their loyal customers and this activity has pulled in a whole lot of new customers as well. The service/product offering on the mobile usually has a high probability of being noticed by the relevant user due to the robust quality of the mobile device itself and Tesco has done it right by seeking the right m-commerce solution.

Businesses irrespective of niches should proactively and logically look at technology improvements in order to be fully updated in the transactional trends and support their customers at any point of time. This strategy would make your audience adore you and trust your instincts. This could also help you in your new product launches or discount offerings to be a successful campaign in your sales or servicing style.

Let us look at how the mobile commerce solution providers help the retailers in achieving revenue income via the online.

Firstly, the software solution provider should help the retail owners to look at innovative ideas that could influence the people to get engaged to their brand by following up the company’s deals and offering not just by visiting the store but even when on the move!

Training your in-house staff about the recent developments in the mobile technology and highlighting their intentions of deploying and installing these emerging technologies. Some of your staff might be unaware of the profits that come along with these mobile solutions and thus your mobility solution provider must be able to convince them and explain that how their productivity could be increased several times with the same man power.

Tesco's m-commerce solution
Lastly and most importantly, the mobility commerce solution developer must be able to set some open standards within the store that would be a guiding light in managing the mobile enabled applications and solutions. It is also mandatory to make sure from your provider that the solution being developed would be cross platform. This is the most important factor as your audience will be using many devices with varied platform and you don’t want to deprive your users just because of the different hardware.

There is more to these points and I find that the Tesco could be taken as an example that has hired an m-commerce solution provider that has followed the above points and more to make a successful m-commerce solution for the leading UK retailer.

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