Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Understanding Consumer Behavior with Mobility Commerce

Consumer behavior is an age old concept in the world of marketing and competition. It is common sense that the businesses that are especially customer driven have to understand their behavior accurately. Unless the retailer does not catch up with the trends followed by the prospective clients, the deals will be slowed down and proportionally affecting the sales depreciation.

In the times where the people are glued to their Smartphones than any other device it is wise to take this trend as an opportunity for improving the sales frequency. The people around the globe and particularly the urban crowd are now using their handhelds to shop online. People save time, fuel and energy during making purchases via their cell phones. The business owners should understand this behavior and enable their online services to be made available on the mobile phones. This way of reaching out to the people would definitely profit the entrepreneurs in leaps and bounds.

Let us see how important it is for retailers to understand the requirements of their audience before developing a mobile strategy for their business.

One must understand the importance of the customer location, the type of the device that people are using and their tastes. Consumer taste or interests determines if the product or the service you are offering is in demand with the prospectus or the effort is futile. Thus, sending out mobile discount coupons on baby clothes to a sports enthusiast will deem your offer null and void profiting neither the shopper nor the retailer.

Another integral part of m-commerce strategy that cannot be ignored is the privacy and security of the mobile solution that is bridging the customer to the merchandiser. People should feel safe when making transactions using the mobile solution that you have enabled for your business.

Social media is a great medium to spread your company brand and awareness of the products or the services you specialize. It is a great way to build trust and belief that will eventually lead your organization to develop international audience and customer acquisition. Enabling your business fan page on Facebook or interacting with prospective clients on twitter is a great of developing bond with the internet fraternity who also happen to be mobile internet browsers. Thus, having mobility solutions that cater to the social needs of the frequent visitors and to know the company’s association with similar people to establish faith with the customers and encourage them to make transactions over the mobile phones, mobile solution is the best tool for online transactions.

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