Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Consider M-commerce For Business Growth and Customer Acquistion

With the use of internet came the electronic commerce (E-commerce) and now with the use of internet over a mobile device came the mobile commerce (M-commerce). This evolution was inevitable for good as the mobile phone usage spread like a wild fire across the globe. With people getting very keen with the sense of connectivity mobile phones influenced and nurtured this virtue of the users seamlessly. With such incredible utility of the mobile device, one aspect of the internet related service viz. the e-commerce was set to go mobile. This kind of e-commerce related transaction came to be known as m-commerce or mobile e-commerce.

Let me point out how business entrepreneurs can trust on m-commerce for that sales enhancement and customer retention.

Smartphones are part of a large population around the globe. The users are capable of constantly accessing the web via their handhelds and more than excited than ever for purchasing products or services with a click on their mobile devices. If you are a business owner, your sales can be quicker and easier if you have enabled your business on the mobile web. Simply by making sure your business is available for the user the sales can shoot up to that mark which you have not even imagined! Mark my word since this is the trend in the present times.

Also as a business owner, if you have been proactive and have made it all that it takes to give a great mobile experience to your prospective customer you are bound to reap gold in the near future! I mean it…
For those business vendors, who have been thinking of making their websites friendly to the mobile screen and have not taken up the matter to execution, it is never too late to get started as there are many companies that specialize in mCommerce platform. Go through the net and you will find a whole lot of success stories of the retailer business owners varied business verticals. The mobile commerce strategy can never go wrong in the business model and the ROI will always be on a high note.

Lastly this being one of my first attempt to blog about the mobile technology and its role in the field of commerce I want to make a sincere effort in bring the news from mobile technology to non-IT people who could possibly benefit from the advancements. A more profound research in this area is what I am looking for to present my readers an insight of mobile technology in their life or business.

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